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Fitness for You


The Climb Fitness Center is a full service facility that offers something for every member of the family.


  • Cardio room featuring LifeFitness® cardio equipment
  • Strength training room featuring Precor® strength equipment
  • Exercise studios
  • Indoor and outdoor Olympic sized swimming pools
  • Fully equipped locker rooms
  • Men's and women's sauna
  • Racquetball court
  • Basketball court
  • Tennis ball


  • Professional assessments & evaluations
  • Personal and small group training
  • Swim Lessons
  • Massage Therapy
  • Fitness consulting and wellness programs

Amazing workouts that are fun. With many different class times throughout the week, you'll always find a group fitness program to motivate and inspire you to climb higher and have a great time doing it.

The Climb offers engaging group fitness classes led by certified instructors who are fun, genuine, approachable and always ready to offer encouragement.

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Group classes offered:

  • Hatha Yoga - This class focuses on breath work, alternatively stretching and strengthening the body with gentle postures. You will begin to culture a more peaceful sense of well-being in the body, mind and spirit. All levels are welcome and instructed accordingly.
  • Yoga for EveryBODY - Taught with personal freedom and instructions to modify for your comfort. This class is practiced with grace and gratitude for the practice of Yoga. The benefits are far beyond the physical - it's built to bring balance, flexibility, strength and peace to the body and mind. Each class is arranged to offer a variety of postures and flow. All levels are welcome and instructed accordingly.
  • Yoga Conditioning - An opportunity to create unity, oneness and connection, allowing us to explore ways to become aligned, balanced and centered. Special attention will be placed on improving focus, building energy and gaining strength and flexibility. All levels are welcome and will be instructed accordingly.

  • Zumba® - Latin-inspired dance fitness class which fuses Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will energize and inspire you. No dance experience necessary.

  • Interval Mashup - We pack this class with cardio, core, and strength training intervals for a stimulating workout that covers all the bases! Let’s sweat and have FUN together while we learn what muscles we're working and why they're important! All levels are welcome and instructed accordingly.
  • Total Body Conditioning - This action pact class incorporates strength training, coordination, and intervals to get your heart pumping! Come join the fun, energetic movement as we use a variety of different equipment and methods to to enhance your strength and cardiovascular endurance!
  • Spin- You are in for the ride of your life with our indoor cycling classes! Whether you are sprinting to the finish line of climbing rolling hills and steep mountains, this is an energizing and entertaining workout that will leave you feeling sweating and strong. All levels are welcome and will be instructed accordingly.
  • Yoga Pilates Fusion- A combination of yoga and mat Pilates in one class. This yoga Pilates fusion will strengthen, stretch, and tone your entire body and provide a satisfying body mind experience. Suitable for all levels. Mats and props provided.

  • Aqua Yoga- Enjoy the effects of combining yoga moves, stretches, and strengthening with less stress on joint and muscles. Aqua yoga allows for a greater range of motion as the body becomes almost weightless and water requires increase resistance to work through a motion. Build on balance and confidence through the ease of range of motion.

  • Gentle Fitness- A minute non-impact class that addresses strength, flexibility and balance in a fun, sociable environment.Participants can be either seated or standing, options offered for all levels, but especially welcoming for seniors and those post rehab. No mat work involved.
  • Gentle Yoga - Gentle Yoga is designed for any age, including seniors and those with minor physical ailments. The class offers a slower pace and more relaxed practice to help improve range of motion, flexibility, muscle strength and joint mobility. Gentle Yoga can also assist in reducing the effects of stress or nervous disorders. Students with injuries, arthritis or other chronic conditions or limitations related to age or body type benefit from a Gentle Yoga practice.
  • Chair Yoga - A subtle, gentle modification of yoga poses using a chair for balance and support. The use of a chair makes Hatha yoga more accessible for anyone who has balance challenges or limited range of motion and mobility. While in seated, standing and supine positions students do modified versions of twists, stretches, and balance including savasana.
  • Flexible Yoga - Designed primarily for strength conditioning, this class will help improve your core strength, flexibility, balance, and cardiac health. Open to all levels with beginners always welcome with modifications of poses.
  • Cardio Cross Train- A dynamic interval training experience, focusing on high intensity movements with brief rest periods. This class will increase speed, strength, and athletic performance while getting your hear rate up. We will use a variety of equipment and our own body weight to crust some cardio! get your heart pumping while feeling the burn!
  • Work It Circuit- Fall in love with circuit training in this total body strength and conditioning class. this class will get you strong and fit by incorporating strength, power, and cardio moves using cutting edge exercises and formats! Prepare to be challenged from head to toe and find your true strength, circuit style!

For those who seek the ultimate workout, The Climb offers the best strength training facility and trainers in Central Vermont.

We offer personal and small group training. Call or stop in to learn about a program customized just for you.

Please see our rates page for pricing details.